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What are takionic Products?


What is Tacyon Energy?

-Tachyon energy is a life-force that exists infinitely throughout the universe. It is an organizing force field that diminishes chaos by increasing order and coherence in any system. Scientists in Japan have created products that have been uniquely processed to focus this life-force.

Would you like more energy?

-Everyone benefits from having more energy and vitality. These unique products serve to restore and increase your energy and vitalisty. This encourages your body's life support system and enhances the natural defense mechanisms to promote wellness.


What are Takionic Products?

-Takionic products combine two revolutionary technologies: Optimum Resonant Materials + Tachyon Energy. Takionic products have been used in high performance sports to heighten athletic proficiency. They can help reduce stress and fatigue. We would like to invite you to find out more. These revolutionary products can open new doors for you to create a healthir lifestyle.


What are the examples of Takionic Products?

-Here are some of our product lines fully empowerd by Tacyon energy.

Takionic Beads, Takionic Sports Belt, Takionic Jewerly, Takionic Mattress, Takionic Sportswear, Takionic Eye Masks, Takionic Insoles, Takionic Pufiried Water, Takionic Head Band, Takionic Wrist Band, Takionic Cosmetics, and more!