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Tachyon Energy: Is There Something that Travels Faster than Light?

In 1966, a physicist named G. Feinberg theorized about the existence of tachyons, which are particles that travel faster than light. Tachyon comes from the Greek word "tachy", meaning swift. While most scientists are not interested in theoretical particles, Dr. hans Nieper, a respected scientist and medical doctor in Germany, believes that tachyon energy exists in abundance in the very air you breathe. He also adds that ...[read more]

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3. Slip on a pair of comfortable Takionic Insoles to soothe your sole(s). Great if you have to be on your feet all day long.


4. Need to improve your grades or gaming skills?

Sharper concentration, greater focus, and clearer thinking. All possible with a Takionic Headband.


5. Wear a smile. Wear a Takionic belt. For any strenuous activity when you need more endurance and a little help to smile your stress away.


6. Make your pets happier - animals, too, love this natural energy.


7. Grow healthier plants and vegetables with the Takionic Water.


8. Improve the taste and vitality of your food and drinks.


9. Harmonize your environment with the Takionic Beads and Belt.


10. Share these products with others, give them away or sell them. New business opportunities to make anyone happy (not a MLM scheme).